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Looking back, I can see the mistakes I made very clearly.  I was impatient, persistent, and very naive.  I love to write; always have and probably always will.  I wouldn't say writing is my life, but it's a big part of it indeed.  I've never been one to look before I leap.  I'd rather dive in and fight the tide regardless of which way it's turning.  As a result, much of my life has been filled of heartaches and regret.  Obviously, I have not yet learned my lesson, or I would not have fallen into the PublishAmerica trap.  I blame myself for not researching how the real publishing industry works, and I feel incredibly stupid for not even running a simple Google search before signing on with the company.  

I am extremely grateful for the support of my friends who stood by me through the escapade.  I also thank God for answering my prayer to be released from the contract.  I don't know what will happen to McCullen yet.  I haven't been in the writing state of mind for a while now.  It's not writers block, but a complete loss of inspiration.  I know one day I will come back as a great author, or at least a pretty good one.  I have been given a talent; a blessing that I have no intention on wasting.  So, keep your eyes and ears open for updates on my progress.  You never know what will happen in the life of the determined writer.   

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